Mama’s Little Monthly Treat…

Nope not that treat Mother Nature send you….

Anyone who knows me knows I am a self confessed cosmetics and make up junkie! I have about 30 red lipsticks…all very similar in shade. 

For the last 3 years I have subscribed to glossybox to get a little beauty fix once a month. I normally always upload a pic of the contents to my personal social media and every month I get at least one person asking how to sign up. Here’s how it works…each month you pay £10 plus postage (£3.25 I think) and they send you a pink box of goodies! It’s normally 5 products the majority of them full sized and a few sample sized products. The products range from make up brushes, make up, hair products, face masks, hand creams, face serums…the list is pretty much endless. The brands include high end products from 111skin to cheaper end products like sleek make up. You can set your personal preferences so they know your skin type etc. It’s a great way to try new products and not spend too much. 

So this month I received 6 products and a preview of a new book by fellow mummy blogger Louise Pentland (seeing this is so exciting as I’ve preordered the book)!

This little pink box is great for other uses after you’ve emptied it. 

This month I got a FULL Sized bottle of heat protect from batiste – I didn’t even know they did anything other than dry shampoo. There was a FULL sized hand cream from a brand I’ve never heard of before ‘Eness’ but I’ve just tried it and it’s already made my hands feel like a babies bottom. A FULL sized lip crayon from Sleek. A SAMPLE sized eye serum from 111Skin (this is a brand I can’t normally afford so the little luxuries are very welcomed. A SAMPLE of a charcoal peel face mask by beauty pro and finally a SAMPLE of highlighter from Manna Kadar Cosmetics which I’ve heard amazing things about and so excited to try. 
Every month you get a card telling you about the new beauty treats you have to try and how much they normally cost and where to purchase them from. 

The quality of the promotional material, the box, packaging and products make me feel like I’ve got a real bargain for £10 + p&p each month. It’s a real Mama treat and something just for me….nothing in here for you kids soz! 

If you want to sign up here’s the link to the page

This is in no way an Ad I just like sharing things I love with fellow Mama’s! 
Happy Saturday everyone! 


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