Surviving the first week of summer holidays…

With me working from home now I imagined the summer holidays being filled with fun and activities. Oh how wrong I was!

Heres a great link to an article in the Londonist showing Free Things To Do With Kids In London

Week One went like this!

  • Refusal to leave the house because we have Disney Life on the TV and iPads so why do we need to leave the house?? For any parents who use iPads or apple TV I recommend subscribing to Disney Life! Best fiver a month you will spend….Lots of movies, programs and behind the scenes on there!
  • Approximately 4839928479485 fights between the two boys.
  • 7 Pizza consumed.
  • NO lay ins!
  • 2 Swimming lessons.
  • 1 prosecco evening – where Sid rolled out of bed and smashed his nose on the bed side cabinet…he now has two single beds pushed together so he has no where to roll out to.
  • 1 room move – I think if Albert could move into the shed to avoid human contact he would…for now he is in Nanny’s old room.
  • 1 trip to the local farm which to Alberts HUGE disappointment had NO pigs in it. Although we all got to touch a chicken.
  • 3 trips to the park…is it only my kids who get bored after 20 minutes and just want to leave now?
  • 1 huge family meal which was lovely and surprisingly our children were very well behaved…until we left and got on the train home – ALL HELL BROKE LOSE!
  • A week of toothache (Mama) and not getting to the dentist yet…but painkillers have been a godsend.
  • A haircut for Albert at the local barbers….this is huge in our household because he’s been having Mama haircuts for the last 5 years because he hates the noise and lighting in barber shops!
  • A huge product launch for our family business – although it didn’t affect the kids it meant we had to be a little more creative about our time at the start of the week.

So I made it! I survived…with only 2 glasses of prosecco and 2 glasses of Champagne (celebrating some exciting news). I wonder what this week has in store for us! I hope all you Mama’s have managed to survive the first week too!












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