What is GBS I hear you say….it’s something every pregnant woman needs to be tested for and something we should all be talking about.

I was in my second pregnancy and felt pretty rubbish the entire time. I had UTI after UTI which meant urine test after urine test. On one of my urine sample pots (I must have been holding it too close to my lady parts) it tested positive for Group B Strep (GBS) I was told to come into the GP surgery and to make an appointment with the midwife.

I still didn’t know what GBS was. I did the worst thing a pregnant woman could do – I googled it! (NEVER EVER google illnesses while pregnant…buggies – yes…illnesses – NO!)

So GBS is often perfectly harmless unless you’re about to give birth. There is no need to treat it in women as 25% of us have the bacteria and most of us don’t know unless we are tested whilst showing symptoms of other illnesses. It’s usually harmless. Unless you’re a baby having a vaginal birth with a mother who is GBS positive and doesn’t know. It is not an STI or STD, it is not a sign of ill health and it is not because of poor hygiene. It is a bacteria that can be found in a pregnant woman’s vagina or rectum.

GBS is the most common cause of sepsis and meningitis in newborns. It is also a cause for newborn pneumonia and problems such as rubella, congenital syphilis and spina bifida. This of course is rare but it still happens.

Very few babies who are exposed to GBS become infected, but it can still cause babies to be miscarried, stillborn or become very sick after birth.

So what happens if you test positive for GBS? You are watched carefully by the midwife, you are told to carry your yellow book everywhere with you and on that yellow book there is a huge red sticker that says you are GBS positive. I was told 3473495629 times that as soon as my contractions started or my waters broke I HAD to get my bum to the hospital to be put on an antibiotic drip. This is so you get enough antibiotics into you that when the baby is delivered they won’t need to be put onto a drip.

So why am I telling you all this? basically the test for GBS costs the NHS £11 each and the antibiotic in labour is pennies. Most areas in the UK do not routinely offer this test. GBS is often misdiagnosed by GPS as a UTI and you are sent on your way without a proper test.

With the NHS facing more cuts, how many more babies will lose their lives because their mother was unaware of GBS? Please sign the petition at the bottom of this post to show support that the GBS test should be a mandatory test during pregnancy. Many other countries offer this test in late pregnancy to ensure that labour is well prepared for but the UK never has. I know if expectant mothers knew more about the risks of GBS they would pay the £11 themselves for the testing to be carried out. I know I would.

Sign the petition here.



School Trip Mama…

You will never understand stress and exhaustion until you have been on a child’s school trip where you have to use public transport. I still don’t think I will ever get over it.

I am the ‘School Trip Mama’, I have been on all of Albert’s school trips including the one to the postbox across the road. Being an ASD Mama you kinda have no choice – No School Trip Mama = No School Trip for Albs.

So this week I was lucky enough to accompany 60 year 1 students on their school trip to The National Gallery (I would say London but we live in London and its not as glam as it seems). We took the bus!!! Yep thats right – THE PUBLIC BUS! 60 5/6 year olds and 10 adults. Well 2 buses because it was quite busy. So we get on the bus and it takes almost 2 HOURS to get travel a distance that normally takes 30 minutes. THEN the buses decided to terminate early. The stress could be seen on all the adults faces, busy central london, 60 kids and 10 adults to get off buses safely and have them all counted TWICE and then to wait for another bus for everyone to get on and then be counted AGAIN!

We get to the gallery and it was fine, we were very proud of ourselves as adults – we made it!!! It was hot and the kids just wanted their lunches (you know the free ones the school provides and the Tories want rid of) – can’t say I blamed them because I was starving, and the sandwich I had made myself was burning a hole in my bag. What they don’t tell you when you decide to sign up to accompany a school trip is that you get no break! You spend the lunch 30 mins opening bottles of water, cleaning up messes, answering questions and doing loo runs to actually be able to eat your sandwich. I managed to ram half of it down my throat before anyone noticed.

Once feeding time was over we were having a our very own guided tour. Our tour guide was nothing short of AMAZING. She was captivating, enthusiastic and the children actually loved her. I was excited because I love hearing all about the artist and the passion of the guide because they tend to pick the paintings they like the most. BUT NO! The guide made an announcement to the adults that we needed to police the area and make sure no one took photos of the painting she was talking about because tourists like to take sneaky (and obvious) photos of groups of english kids in uniforms in museums and galleries. I thought she was being over cautious – nope she wasn’t. It was literally like swatting flies for an hour!

Then it was home time…back on the bus (oh joy!) this time the 60 kids and 10 adults got on the same bus. this wasn’t at all ideal. Upstairs filled up quickly so the rest of us sat downstairs. I was lucky because Albs and his partner fell asleep – how I have no idea because it was the bus journey from HELL! My ears are still ringing nearly a week on! The kids were feral! They were just so so loud. I know understand why they need playtime outside – there is just too too much energy they need to get rid of. We got back to school at 3.32pm – so I was 2 minutes late picking Sid up from nursery #BadMama.

The kids all did some amazing little sketches and they loved being out of the classroom for a while and they learnt lots about the art. SO it was a very worthwhile trip. It was lovely to hear about their interpretations of the art.

Although the questions from some of the children did make me blush – like ‘Why are there so many naked people?’, ‘What are they doing to his leg?’ (The Circumcision of Jesus Christ – I will leave it to your imagination but it wasn’t his leg), ‘Why does it say its a boy they have long hair?’ and my favourite…’Why does it smell like dead old people?’.

Mama’s Little Monthly Treat…

Nope not that treat Mother Nature send you….

Anyone who knows me knows I am a self confessed cosmetics and make up junkie! I have about 30 red lipsticks…all very similar in shade. 

For the last 3 years I have subscribed to glossybox to get a little beauty fix once a month. I normally always upload a pic of the contents to my personal social media and every month I get at least one person asking how to sign up. Here’s how it works…each month you pay £10 plus postage (£3.25 I think) and they send you a pink box of goodies! It’s normally 5 products the majority of them full sized and a few sample sized products. The products range from make up brushes, make up, hair products, face masks, hand creams, face serums…the list is pretty much endless. The brands include high end products from 111skin to cheaper end products like sleek make up. You can set your personal preferences so they know your skin type etc. It’s a great way to try new products and not spend too much. 

So this month I received 6 products and a preview of a new book by fellow mummy blogger Louise Pentland (seeing this is so exciting as I’ve preordered the book)!

This little pink box is great for other uses after you’ve emptied it. 

This month I got a FULL Sized bottle of heat protect from batiste – I didn’t even know they did anything other than dry shampoo. There was a FULL sized hand cream from a brand I’ve never heard of before ‘Eness’ but I’ve just tried it and it’s already made my hands feel like a babies bottom. A FULL sized lip crayon from Sleek. A SAMPLE sized eye serum from 111Skin (this is a brand I can’t normally afford so the little luxuries are very welcomed. A SAMPLE of a charcoal peel face mask by beauty pro and finally a SAMPLE of highlighter from Manna Kadar Cosmetics which I’ve heard amazing things about and so excited to try. 
Every month you get a card telling you about the new beauty treats you have to try and how much they normally cost and where to purchase them from. 

The quality of the promotional material, the box, packaging and products make me feel like I’ve got a real bargain for £10 + p&p each month. It’s a real Mama treat and something just for me….nothing in here for you kids soz! 

If you want to sign up here’s the link to the page

This is in no way an Ad I just like sharing things I love with fellow Mama’s! 
Happy Saturday everyone! 

Party Bag Ideas…

My fave part of kids parties are the party bags. Every year they have a theme and for Alberts 6th Party this year the theme was lego!!

I always fill the bags with sweets from poundland – haribo fun packets, chocolate bars, lollipops and whatever else I can see to bulk out the bags. I do tend to struggle when it comes to themed toys though. So this year I checked out pinterest for ideas on Lego party bags. I found a tutorial for crazy crayons. So heres what I did.

I went onto Amazon and I bought a pack of 288 crayons crayons for £14.99. 288! I hear you say – well 288 crayons helped make about 100 shaped crayons – but I never want to see another crayon again!!!


I also bought some Lego block and people shaped ice cube trays from Amazon for £9.99. I removed the labels from the crayons and chopped them up using a sharp knife – only 2 cut fingers so statistically its quite safe to do. I then put them into the trays slightly over filling them. Making sure I used all different colours.



I put them into a preheated oven for about 8-9 minutes. until melted.


If there were any bubbles I hoped them with a needle before the wax had time to cool down. Once the wax started to solidify at room temperature I put the trays of wax into the freezer to harden. This made it easier to op the crayons out of the moulds without breaking them. Being thrifty if I did break them I left them in the mould for the next batch and just tried again. The finished product was so cool and all the kids loved them! I put 3/4 crayons into a small bag and then popped them into the party bags.


The ones I had left over I gave to the nursery of my youngest boy who were over the moon!

It’s a great way to use up broken or left over crayons and super super easy!

Birthday Party At McDonalds…

As a child I only ever had one birthday party which I was only allowed to invite one friend – I swore when I was a Mama I would make sure my kids would have a party or celebrate every year!

So with it being Alberts 6th Birthday we decided to book a party at our local McDonalds. I mean what could go wrong right? The answer to that question is – A LOT.

It started with me baking a chocolate cake at the birthday boys request – I dropped it – FML. I baked another and it turned out okay – I mean it wasn’t actually that hard, tasted okay and no one died as a consequence of eating it! Go Mama! 18892928_1903241909951608_431761519928431876_n.jpg

We arrived at the party and I was so glad I brought a photo booth props with me because it kept the kids entertained for a little while! It literally cost me a couple of quid and I kept the frame to use again. I bought a blow up frame from eBay and some props on sticks. The props on sticks were a bit flimsy but for one party it was still worth it. I even managed to get the adults to join in and have a few selfies taken.


Once everyone was seated they spent a few minutes colouring in the activities provided by McDonalds, then it was time to start the party games. Now this is where I am slightly (okay quite) critical the kids didn’t seem too bothered but they were playing musical statues without music, not to the fault of the entertainer but it seems like the branch we were at are unorganised when it comes to kids parties. The games continued for about 45 minutes and then it was time order food! Yayyyy the kids were hungry by now. Each child was asked what they would like as a happy meal and drink. Once the meals were finished the face painter returned and he started painting faces.

Time to cut the cake! And there was an accident – of course there was an accident *Head in hands* one of Alberts friends tripped and smashed his nose on the floor – cue blood (lots of it) and an ambulance being called (apparently the paramedics were the highlight of the party when the kids were asked at school on Monday).

5pm came and the party bags were handed out and the party was OVER!!! (There will be another post about party bags!)

One of the lovely mums picked up her daughter and gave me a bottle of prossecco and just said ‘I know….as a Mum I understand – you will need this no doubt’. BEST SCHOOL MUM EVERRRRR!

It’s done!!!! Kids parties are done until next January!!! yayyyyyyy! (I secretly love them 😉 ) x


Love Not Hate ❤️

As our babies slept last night, my Hubby and I sat in bed and watched the tv with absolute horror, seeing families with small children being evacuated in their pj’s and having to run around London with hundreds of other people because no one is safe from acts of terrorism. 

We now have to teach ourselves and others to ‘run, hide and tell’ but how can we teach our children this without telling them what has happened in the streets so close to where we live. I refuse to live in fear and I certainly refuse to allow hatred in to the bubble my family and I live in. 

Let’s teach our children that the greatest weapon in life is love. ❤️ Don’t allow these terrorists to win. Don’t let the hatred in. Love always wins. X

6 Years Ago….

This time 6 years ago I gave birth to our first child.

It was a scary time but something I like to look back on this time every year. I feel it was one of my biggest achievements to date.

I felt all sorts of emotions and of course pain – but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I did tell the midwife she was evil for making me push I was too tired…it was nearing midnight and I was used to being asleep by 9pm. I was lucky enough to be supported by my Mama, niece and of course my hubs.

It was a turbulent time for us. I was told when I was 17 I couldn’t have kids unless I went down the route of IVF, my ovaries were scarred from PCOS. I decided at 17 I didn’t want kids – I wasn’t putting myself through IVF for it to fail. So when I found out I was pregnant I knew it was a little miracle and meant to be. Jamie and I had only been together a few months before I got pregnant. It wasn’t the ideal time for a baby but it turned out to be the making of us as individuals and together. We both had to grow up pretty quickly. There is a saying that there is never a perfect time for a baby….well isn’t that true!

So yeah anyway 6 years ago at 00.01 I had Albert Thomas Nicholas at 8lbs, the midwife was pissed off with me because I couldn’t manage the final push before midnight…no pleasing some people, but I had been in labour for over 24 hours, having been sent home twice from the labour ward because I wasn’t dilated enough. No one had actually told me that to see how ready I was to give birth a midwife would be putting their entire hand up my flower…I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT!!!!! Nor did they go into detail of how my waters would be broken for me…*covers eyes with hands and shakes head*. Oh and if anyone tells you they didn’t poo while pushing – they are lying!!! There is a part of every midwife pack for labour that is specifically for poo!

I was scared the hours after giving birth, just like all first time mums I did not know what to expect! My legs felt like jelly and I vomitted like a 13 year old drunk on cider in the park from all the gas and air I had abused during the last 5 hours…AND I had to look after this little beautifully perfect baby boy who was just a few hours old. I had stopped being just Jade and I was now a Mama. It was the best feeling in the world.

During the last 6 years I have learnt so much from our little Albie Bear, I’ve learnt to enter his world, I’ve learnt to be a different kind of Mama, I’ve learnt to be patient (not as often as I would like to be), I’ve learnt how to fight for what he needs in order to thrive in the world, I’ve learnt that there is good in everything, I’ve learnt that although not everyday is as I would like it to be it does get better, I’ve learnt all about phonics, I’ve learnt about roblox, I’ve learnt how to love unconditionally, I’ve learnt to forgive and I’ve learnt to choose my battles. Oh I’ve also learnt more swear word combinations than I thought possible, I’ve learnt how to get by on virtually no sleep, I’ve learnt how to walk across a carpet of lego in the dark and not scream blue murder and I have learnt that kids are bloody tough and resilient (and can cry for ever until they get their own way – you think you’ve won by not giving in but I secretly believe thats what they wanted all along).

So on entering the 6th year of Mamahood I want to thank my darling Albert for helping make me who I am today.